is a wonderful month. Why? First, because it is NOT January.
In February Americans celebrate the President's Day holiday but not before joining the world in celebration of the other holiday, Valentine's Day. It is due to the later holiday, February is often recognized as the month of love.
I love calendars. I always have. I love buying calendars with themes. I love buying calenders that have a page for each day of the year and once the day is through you rip it off and throw it away. Personally I prefer tearing my page off the following day when I arrive at the office. Its the perfect way to begin a work day; by ripping something. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something that required little to no effort at all. A delayed sense of gratification for a tiny pleasure I could have enjoyed the day before.
I also have a single calendar sheet for the month that I mark on. I especially enjoy striking a fat blue line through a finished day, after ripping the page off my other calendar. Progress!
The third calendar in my office is for show and was a gift from a loved one. So, I do not mark on this calendar, PERIOD. The theme is horses and is a sweet reminder of our shared love for this majestic creature.
The fourth calendar I keep at home. Like my third office calendar, the fourth is aesthetic.
This year I purchased a Planet Earth calendar for my office. It wasn't my first choice but I have owned so many calendars over the years that I am running out of themes. One Mary Engelbreit calendar is enough, even if it was eight years ago.
My "house" calendar is Gone With the Wind. Although my Mom hated this movie I LOVE it and I LOVE my calendar. Clark Gable as Rhett Butler is so sexy. I love everything about him and I especially love seeing him everyday in my kitchen. The picture for the month of February is shown above except the calendar includes a quote from the movie.
I love you more than I've loved any woman. I've waited for you more than I've waited for any woman.
So, in celebration of the new month and in recognition of its designation as the month of love I share Rhett's declaration of love with you to enjoy. It may be fictional, but its still beautiful and worth repeating. Happy February everybody!

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