Every Saturday morning from 10:30-11:30 I become someone else. From the moment I remove my shoes to enter the classroom I become Kauai, which means "jewel of the islands." The keiki hula class meets the hour before us and I often go early to watch them dance. I'm not the only one. Melissa comes early to watch them too. This morning we had a combined class. It was so fun! Normally, five to six keikis show up for class but this morning there were only two.
In the begining there were four in the adult class but Kayla or "Kai" dropped out. The other students in the adult class are Bretta who is standing just to the right of me and Melissa who is standing on the other side of Bretta. Both of them are really cool. Bretta just moved to New Orleans and will probably be dropping the class also. Unless other adults join the class, our class will be limited to two. Kumu Kathrine, who is sitting "Indian-style" on the floor has scheduled a recital for April 30 to coincide with the May Day holiday. Each student is supposed to do a solo. Can you imagine? I just hope I'm still around to dance for it.
Hula is so beautiful. Its the perfect combination of sign language and ballet. The dancer tells a story through hand movements. The manner in which the dancer moves their hands determines the tone of the story. I love ballet but I think hula fits my personality more; a little less formal and a lot of fun. More to come..

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