January's Addiction...

was Rice Krispy treats from Starbucks. I'm not a huge fan of Rice Krispy treats. Years had passed since I had eaten one. Then one day I was in Target. I was hungry. I wondered over to Starbucks to check out their snack selection and that's when I saw this light, fluffy, yet still crunchy, treat. It looked good but tasted even better. I was hooked! For weeks all I wanted was a Rice Krispy treat from Starbucks. Lucky for me, there's a Starbuck's at the intersection in front of the office. I soon discovered however, the Starbuck's on Highway 49 in Gulfport has a better selection. By the beginning of February the addiction had vanished. I'm certain it will soon be replaced. By what? Who knows? But thank you Starbucks for satisfying my cravings through my Rice Krispy treat addiction. Should it return, I now know where to go.

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