Bread & Chocolate/ Eastern Market

Saturday morning we started the day with a yummy breakfast at Bread & Chocolate. Stephanie had been craving Greek honey yogurt so we decided to eat first and then shop. Steph's mom, Mamma Harbour or Harbie depending on your mood, treated. Did I mention how cool Steph's mom is? Well, she's pretty dang cool. I snapped this photo of Joy while we were waiting for our food. Don't worry I got her permission to keep it. Plus I think its really cute.

In case you haven't noticed I have this thing about stuffed animals. I can't resist snapping a photo of a taxadermied animal carcass. I know its weird. Sometimes I even wonder about myself but I just couldn't help feel a strange fascination for this feathered fowl. I found him on a counter inside Eastern Market.

I love Eastern Market because it was designed by German emigre Adolf Cluss, who was also responsible for Stewart's Castle (now demolished), the recontstruction of the Smithsonian Castle and other Washington buildings from the late nineteenth century.

After shopping for a few hours we called it a morning. Saturday evening's events will be discussed in tomorrow's blog because, really, who can say too much about Eddie's Annual Tropical Party?

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Bunny said...

"I can't resist snapping a photo of a taxadermied animal carcass."

First off, GREAT line, secondly.... are you talking about me???

Sherpa said...

Snap a shot of me, and I'm stealing the turkey shot for my "wordless wednesday" post this week.
Deal? ;)

Boo said...

Totally. I am really honored you would use a photo I took for Wordless Wednesday. Thanks!

Sherpa said...

Thanks again!

Send the photos my way and I'll see about using them in future WW's.

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