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Why does Patrick Swayze crooning "She's Like the Wind" play in my head everytime I think of how quickly time passed while Steph was in town. Oh wait, maybe because she was in town for all of like, two seconds? I know it was longer than that. No one has to correct me but that's the way it seemed. I don't mean to complain. I am just grateful I got to see the other half of our super hero duo.
Many of our readers may recognize the physical background in this photo as the foyer of the McLean, Virginia Stake Center, while others may not. Those unfamiliar with the abolishment of polygamy may also wonder why all these young, single women are surrounding a lone older man. Allow me to explain.
Saturday night, while traveling through Georgetown, Kate, Hugh and myself (all seated snuggly in the back seat of Kim's SUV) were discussing the practice of fasting on the first Sunday of each month. During this conversation I told Hugh that he should join us for church the following morning. Shocking everyone in the car he agreed. Steph had to leave following sacrament meeting, which is the first hour of church (Mormons do three hours) and capitalizing on the opportunity I decided to get a few more photos before she left.
Those pictured in the photo above are (L-R) Kate Kate, Kim, Rae Rae, Hugh, Steph and Melinda. I am the girl with the big hair and bright red cowgirl shirt (which I wore in honor of Montana heritage) in the front. Who says Bond Girls can not also be cowgirls? Duh. I am sure James would be attracted to a woman that can rope and ride. Besides shirts with snaps are very sexy.

Finally, here is a photo Kim snapped of Steph and I before the wind carried her back to BIG SKY country. Although I am smiling on the outside I am really crying on the inside. Do I sound pathetic? Good cause that is what I was going for. Too bad nothing I say is going to change her mind. With graduation quickly approaching and numerous historic preservation positions open in Montana, who knows, perhaps instead of whistling Dixie I will be singing with John Denver "Oh Montana...Give this child a home..." NAH. But one thing is for sure, as long as IB is there, Montana will be my second home.

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Bunny said...

Dude! Amber, you look like a little doll! (in the cutest of cute ways!!)

Boo said...

Thanks! That's really nice of you to say. Other people have said similar things, when I wear my hair like that. I think it makes my face look smaller and thus, more child-like.

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