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After I had reached my threshold for my Mother's nagging, I caved and went over to Lexington to spend the night with her at her new apartment. This is the same Mother who used to live in a nudist colony and then on a reservation. In fact, she moved to Lexington, from New Mexico, over Christmas. Where did she move? In the apartment above my brother and his fiancee. At first we were concerned about the proximity and what that could mean for my brother and his sanity but so far, so good. It is actually really nice having her nearby.
Before meeting our Mom for lunch Josh took me shopping at the Fayette Mall. Not only did he make fun of my new jeans, ( they really are granny) he picked out my new eyeshadow. Thanks Joshie!

After lunch we headed back to my Mom's apartment where she immediately put me to work cleaning, hanging her pictures and organizing her stuff. The nice thing about this was she gave me a lot of things she no longer wanted or needed. Not only did I score a set of stainless steel Reverware pots and pans but I also got her set of Henkel knives. HOT!

This is a photo of our favorite pizza place in Lexington, Puccini's. One should not confuse this with Papaleno's which is our all-time favorite place. Puccini's is awesome because its total '90's. They play only '90's music and the entire is decorated in '90's everything. The pizza is great and the wait staff is fun. Everyone is just chill. That's why we love it; 90's music and a chill staff. I can't wait until Joshie's wedding so I can hit all my favorite Lexington hangouts again.
Although we were going to do karaoke at Todd's plans fell through Tuesday night. So Mom and I watched Casino Royale twice, back-to-back. Why? Because my Mother argued it was the kind of movie you have to watch over and over to catch things you missed the first time. Yeah right. I think she just wanted to see Daniel Craig's royal hotness again. It's called Royale for a reason.

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Bunny said...

Daniel Craig is the kinda guy you want to do things AT LEAST twice with...

Boo said...

No doubt. In fact I would raise it and say seven is the minimal number of times one must have to fully appreciate the experience of someone as fine as DC.

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