St Patty's Day Love

While Desiree was enjoying the sealing, I participated in other temple ordinances while I waited. Although all temples are beautiful and have a special spirit about them, the Atlanta Temple will always be one of my personal favorites. On June 19, 1999 I received my endowments in the Atlanta Temple. Since my parents are not active members of the LDS church, Desiree's parents drove down from Kentucky so Christy (Desiree's mother) could be my escort.
After serving as a missionary guide, on Temple Square, I attended the Atlanta Temple weekly. Needless to say, it was like my home away from home. I regret I can not say the same about the Washington, DC Temple. Perhaps one day I will resume my weekly habit of attending the temple but for now I continue to be a slacker.
Unable to find Desiree inside the Temple, I found her outside with the bride's family. To my surprise, the wedding photographer was none other than Amy, a girl I had known from the Mt Park Branch. Amy and her husband met while attending Mt Park and then eloped a few months later to the Columbia, SC Temple. They now have a beautiful son named Zane who is pictured above. The coolest thing about the delivery was Amy's husband performed while the midwife supervised. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen, on a baby, and he loved to slobber all over my shoulder and suck on my necklace as I held him. I just couldn't resist introducing you to Zane.

Almost twenty minutes later the bride and groom came out for photos. By this time I was freezing and promised Desiree we would get photos at the reception. Promising to meet Ron for lunch at 1:30 pm we raced over to the Perimeter Mall to find Ron waiting at The Cheesecake Factory.
Not many people, outside my close circle of friends, know about Ron. Ron and I met while working for Gwinnett County. Ron is an electrician who works on County buildings. I was the Historic Sites Interpreter and my office was based in the Gwinnett History Museum. After a few casual conversations Ron started bringing me lunch or stopped by just to chat. We became friends and remain so to this day. He calls frequently and we email several times a week. For the past three years, Ron has offered encouragement, helped me move, and fixed our pool pump. He is one of Georgia's finest native sons which is evident in his mannerisms and accent. Although we keep in close contact, the last time I saw Ron was two years ago. It was nice eating lunch and catching up with a close friend.
After lunch we drove up to Marietta for Jenny and Adam's reception. Adam's last name is Greene which influenced the couple's decision to have a St. Patty's Day sealing and themed reception. Jenny's mother made a mint-brownie shamrock groom's cake for Adam, which turned out beautifully. One of Jenny's uncles made me stand on a chair so I could get the perfect shot of the masterpiece. Although I took a lot of photos at the reception, all available for your viewing pleasure on Facebook, I will spare you. After seeing the couple off, Desiree and I hopped in the Trailblazer and headed home, making our stay in Atlanta just shy of twenty-four hours. Sadly, Desiree and I will not be crashing any more weddings this year, at least none that are currently planned, but, I am hoping she will be able to make my brother's in August. I am dying to introduce her to my coal mining, West Virginia living, redneck family, whom I love dearly. I don't know what I'll do when Desi gets married but that is one wedding reception I can't wait to crash.

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