Saturday Night at T Sweet's

So, after napping at Steph's house, Kim, Steph and I went shopping. Steph and Kim went wild with clothes and I caved in DSW and bought two pairs of shoes. One pair are tennis shoes that have little green hula girls and the word Aloha on them. They also have these semi-tacky pineapples pinned to the front. I was surprised by the number of compliments I received at the Tropical party. I love successful shoe debuts. The other pair are really cute heeled sandals that I need to buy a matching outfit for.
The tropical party was nice (Julie did a great job mixing drinks) but the party was no match for the ultimate Georgetown temptation, T Sweets. Steph and I used to go there all the time. Her flavor is butter brickle and my favorite is chocolate oreo marshmallow. Now if we could only find men who satisfied us half as much.
The photo above was taken after we finished our treats. It was Kim's first visit and although I am not 100% positive, I think she was impressed. Hugh barely ate a thing but we all had a good time. Although Steph and I are BFF we really don't have a photo we both like. Kim snapped a few of us but I think we agreed that this one was the best. I can't wait until we capture that perfect photo. Oh well...I guess it gives us something to work for. You know keeps our relationship interesting, as if we have any problem with that. Duh, we are Bond Girl and Iron Bladder. The word boring or any of its synonyms are not in our vocabulary, except when we need to write a paper. HAH!

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