Too lesbian or not too lesbian? That is a question.

You know what I miss most about being around my BestGoodFriend? Hugging her! It's true. This weekend I got to hug BondGirl a few times and I remember how much I love that about our friendship.

I wish I could make a BooShapedPillow to market. I'm sure at least 2 people in American Studies would buy one. What do you think, BG? Are you game to be a product so that I can hug you at my lesiure?!

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Bunny said...

I don't know why, but all your talk of hugging makes me wonder if you want a hugging pillow, or a "special hugging" pillow...

Boo said...

You are so crazy. I love you to pieces sweet pea. I miss your hugs too. No one hugs me quite like you do. That should be a song. Oh wait it is! "Nobody does it better..."

Sherpa said...

I thought about what it would entail to make a boo pillow for steph(I'm crafty!)...and ended up just cracking up at the thought of the pillow. Yeah...

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