Daddy D'z

My favorite bbq in all of HOTLANTA is Daddy D'z. Many Atlantans will argue Fat Matt's Rib Shack is the best but its only because they are too scared to venture into the hood for some five star, that's right 5 star, pig.
How did I get from Kentucky to Atlanta? Well, Thursday evening Desiree, my best friend from Kentucky, flew in from Salt Lake so we could drive to Atlanta for another wedding. Our parents have taken to calling us the Wedding Crashers, a title we earning respectfully. Anyway, Marlise, a friend of Stephanie and I, found out we were coming into town and invited us to stay at her place. Arriving around dinner time we decided to hit Daddy's in downtown. Located on Memorial Drive, it is not the safest area for three young women to be after dark but it was really entertaining watching Desiree freak out. I guess Hawaii and Provo don't have ghettos like Atlanta does. Can't wait to show her around DC.
As soon as we walked in the door, we owned the place. Spying a man with a Piggly Wiggly shirt on I grabbed him and said, "I need a picture with you." He turned around and said, "get one of the back. It's much better," and he was right. I love the slogan! "Big on the Pig" By the end of dinner I was big on Will.
Not content with just a photo of his backside, although it wasn't half bad, I made him turn around for a face shot, which wasn't bad either. Can you see how much he's enjoying this? Actually, he was the perfect gentleman all evening. He even kicked a couple out of a booth because I told him we wanted one. I love it when men do exactly what I want!! Don't worry Steph. I gave him a very generous tip.
After our food arrived Will took this photo of us. This is the first of several he took before we left Daddy's. I will spare you the rest but they are just as cute. Although Marlise and Desiree were worried about "where I had taken them," once they were eatin' they were all compliments. Marlise even asked if they sold the sauce so she could take it back to Canada with her. I was so relieved the girls liked it because one can never be sure. At least it was an adventure for them both. Stick with me ladies, and you'll always eat right and play hard.
Just to give you an idea of what Daddy's has to offer this is a photo of my meal. As you can see I ordered the pulled pork bbq with potato wedges, white bread, and candied yams on the side. As Will says, "anything fried at Daddy's is good," and he's right. Other sides include collared greens, which Desiree tried and hated, corn on the cob, cornbread, beans, coleslaw and fried okra. Although there beans are good the yams are much better and no other side is worth sacrificing the potato wedges for. Trust me! I know. So the next time you are in the "Capital of the South" you must make your way down to Daddy's. Tell Will I sent you.

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