The Kentucky Colonel of Concord

Walking to the baggage claim I explained to Kevin my Dad wore a Colonel Sanders beard. Since I had not seen my Dad since January I wasn't sure if he would still have it. I was so excited when I arrived at the baggage claim area and saw that he did.
My plane did not land until 8:30pm, and since I refused to pad Charlotte's economy with my hard earned dollars, I was starving. My dad and I opted for Subway, the only fast food I will agree to eat, however Publix still has the best subs. I took this photo of my dad while we were eating. He is so patient and really good about humoring me. He just sits and smiles while I snap pictures of everything.
I also discovered last night that he is an honorary Kentucky Colonel. The Kentucky legislature bestowed the honor before we moved to Atlanta in 1997 for work he did on a flood. What kind of parent doesn't mention this to his children?

Since we arrived home after dark the first glimpse I got of our new view was Sunday morning and this is what I saw. COWS! They even bellowed to me. In fact, they woke me up every morning with their bellowing. I didn't mind it though. It was fun. My dad would bellow at them and they would actually respond. It was pretty cool. Its weird. I used to hate cows but now I can't get enough. FYI. My favorites are Brahmans because they have long floppy ears.
Since my dad retired he has been buying property on Concord Road so that we can build a house. Actually there is no "we" to it. He wants to build a home where mine and Joshie's future families can come to visit. Where the grandkids, that have yet to be born, will have plenty of room to romp and where there will be plenty of room for guests. The photo above is the view to the south or the front view.
The home site will be located on the knoll at the far end of the property. One thing about the lots, they are long and pretty flat. Its exciting to think we may have horses again. I miss riding. Perhaps once the home is finished, we are planning for this fall, I can invite all my friends down for a big party. Yee haw!

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Rae said...

I lvoe the Cows!!! Moo!

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