The Spring Break Saga Begins

Spring Break 2007 was the first Spring Break I had taken since high school. That was eleven years ago. I had originally wanted to visit Stephanie in Missoula but when my Daddy-O offered to fly me home on his dime for a week I agreed.
My trip began at Reagan where I met a girl from Tarpoon Springs, Florida. Tarpoon Springs is where I turned 28. Its a great little Greek town. Every year they host a festival and the young men dive for sponges. It is really cool. My mom bought me a little Greek dress, that I adore, and took me to Rusty Belly's for my birthday dinner. When I mentioned how much I loved Rusty Belly's to this girl, I never got her name, she told me she was a waitress there. Imagine my excitement. I told her they had the best seafood and I would love to go back one day. She said that people from all over travel to Tarpoon Springs just to eat at Rusty Belly's.

Prior to meeting our waitress I had a little spat with a jerk in the waiting area. Allow me to explain. I was already seated. I made certain I was sitting in an area where I could talk on my cell phone without disturbing anyone. I pull out my cell phone and begin to dial Steph. I stopped when this older man sat next to me and pulled out his paper. I politely turned to him and said, " Sir, I am going to be talking on the phone. I don't want to disturb you," implying he should leave if he had a problem with it. Instead of thanking me, as I would have done, he gruffly issued a humph, and stormed off. Without thinking I blurted, "asshole," and dialed Steph and related the story to her. I normally don't react that way when someone else is being a totally butt BUT this time I failed and made an even bigger ass of myself.
Kevin, pictured above witnessed the entire exchange and later related he thought I was hilarious. He had never seen a woman react with so much sass and thankfully, he totally agreed with me.
Although I didn't speak to Kevin before the DC-Charlotte flight, we quickly became friends when we both missed our connecting flight to Lexington. After complaining to one another for 15 minutes we went our separate ways. I headed to the rocking chairs and Kevin got something to eat. He later admitted that he had seen me rocking and had thought about stopping to rock with me but decided not to bother me. Men (rolling eyes). They are so clueless.
After rocking for 4 hours, I walked back to the gate where Kevin invited me to sit with him. We chatted until it was time to board. Standing in line, he invited me to go ahead of him. Since the flight wasn't full we decided to sit next to one another as well. Why end a great conversation, right?
During this conversation Kevin admitted he invited me to go first because he wanted to check out my ass. I told him he was shallow and he said I was too feisty. He advised a glass of wine every evening to calm me down. I told him didn't drink. He, on the other hand enjoys it and kept saying he needed my number so he could call me to pick him up so he wouldn't drive drunk. Do I have stupid written across my forehead?
He walked me to the baggage claim area where I ditched him for my daddy. I didn't mean to be rude but no man comes between a girl and her dad. Especially a man who admits that a woman's most admirable quality is the size of her breasts. I am SO DONE!
See how exciting Spring Break in Kentucky is? And this is just the beginning.

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Bunny said...

Dude, sometimes I forget how the real world is and that there ARE people like that (Kevin) out there. YUCK!!!

So, how do you get all these random people to let you take their picture?? I'd probably freak out if some stranger asked that, lol, but then, they probably don't have your Southern charm ;)

Boo said...

I don't really ask people if I can take their picture; I tell them I am going to and make it seem like they are the coolest person on earth.
Besides, I think people enjoy being noticed. I always tell them I am going to post it on my blog and they seem to be intrigued by that.
I also give them the opportunity to approve the photo. I think people appreciate that as well. We all know I do. :)

Sherpa said...

In the immortal words of Arrested Development, "Spring Break!!"

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