Ladies Grab Your Brooms

Last week, I decided to call my Grandma Kidd just to talk. She always says the darndest things. Plus, I can't get enough of her thick West Virginia accent and all the made up words she uses, a definite characteristic of the Kidd family.
While we were discussing the possible reasons for my singlehood, she asked, "has anyone ever swept under your feet?" I replied that I was sure at one time or another someone probably had swept under my feet. She explained, "well, when someone sweeps under your feet that means you are not getting married." Finally, an answer!
Worried there may be some substance to Grandma's theory, I asked if there was a way to counter the curse. "Not that I know of," she said. Wonderful. Since I couldn't remember a specific incidence where someone had done the evil deed (sweeping under my feet) perhaps there was hope.
Hope is interesting. It can be very short-lived, especially when two days later, while sitting at Manuel's someone sweeps right beneath your feet. I couldn't believe it. I literally screamed, which made Kim laugh because she knew exactly why I was screaming. I had told her about the conversation with my Grandma. So, resigning myself to fate I decided that marriage was never an option. Oh well... who wants to live with a stinky, stingy man anyway? Besides it doesn't mean I won't ever be loved by a man just married. That's something, right?
Victory!!! Today, my dad was chatting with an elderly woman at Union City Grocery and she related to him that her mother had told her the same thing BUT ( I love there is a "but") if a woman sees a man she wants to marry all she has to do is sweep around him three times and she will be his bride. I am not sure how long it will take but it supposedly works. Vacuums will not work ladies, it must be an old-fashioned broom. So grab your brooms and get busy.

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Bunny said...

Ha! This is like that time on my mission where we all thought about only tracting out houses with the same numbers that were on our fortune cookies.

Rae said...

Alright Boo...I'll distract your man while you sweep around him...but only if you return the favor. Lol!

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