Meet Serena or "Renie" Kidd as she was called. Born September 3rd, 1849 to George Washington Kidd and Frances Stanley Kidd, she was married twice before she died on November 6, 1924. Renie and her first husband, Wilburn "Wib" Parsons, had one son, Andrew Jackson "Red Jacket" Kidd.
Renie's second son, pictured in this photo, was named James Elias Kidd. Although she was married to James Henry "Jim" Akers when she had James Elias, he never assumed his father's name, taking his grandfather's last name, Kidd, instead. So, instead of being Amber Erin Kidd, my name should really be Amber Erin Akers.
James Elias is my great great grandfather. My great grandfather, McDonald "Don" Kidd, was one of nine children. He fathered eight children, including my grandpa, Jett Lee Kidd.
My grandpa was born on the same day, August 28th, as James Elias Kidd. My Grandpa died on March 24th, 1992 and James Elias died on March 14, 1956.
Jett Lee was married to my grandma, Reba "Reveal" Alberta Stratton (photo above). Comparing the photo of my father, standing beside her, with his thick, white mustache to James Elias you can see the resemblance. All the Kidd men look the same; full heads of hair, average height. Until my father's generation they were all slender and it seems they all share the same stance. It's so cool.
Until this week I never knew my great great great great grandma's name was Serena, which is the name of Sabes, but spelled differently. I love her anyway, but realizing that we have this in common make me love Sabes even more. I love you Sabes!
I also think its cool that Renie's dad was named George Washington Kidd. No wonder I have this thing for George's and decided on The George Washington University for graduate school. I would like to think he is very proud.
The last thing I wanted to point out is how cool it is that ALL of my family, not just my brother and I, create nicknames for EVERYONE. I think it's a sign of recognition and affection. I could never understand families that didn't do that. I have a ton of nicknames, some are better than others, but they all have awesome stories attached and give me great subject matter to share with others. If I ever reproduce, at 29 I am beginning to wonder, my children will have amazing names, like George Washington or King Solomon (a great something grandpa on the Stratton side), actually I am thinking more like Graham, Greene (family name) and Grey, if anyone takes them I will break their legs, (try having a child with a broken leg) and cool nicknames to boot.

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The family babe -oops- baby 80) said...

I LOVE IT!!! that is awesome Boo, and i love the mustaches.

Sarina said...

Oh and boo I forgot to tell you there is a new Dr. working at the hospital who wears......bow ties!!!!! Every time I see him I think about ya (and he is not just the occasional wearer of the bow, no every time he has worked a shift he has had a bow tie on).
ps the other post is my id for the family blog 80)

Boo said...

What is the Dr's last name? How old is he? Is he single? Does he have a full head of hair? I would love to hear more about this Dr you work with. Bow ties are so hot! I can't wait to meet a man who shares an appreciation of bow ties. That will be a remarkable day indeed. Until then, thank you Sabes for your wonderful comments. I really appreciate them.

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