Happy Birthday Baby!

It was not so long ago, no matter how much you disagree, that you came into this world, a happy, kicking, naked baby. Your father told me last night that before you were born, you had a vivacious personality; bumping your mother's tummy constantly for attention.
Although I know you'd prefer to forget the day I couldn't resist. We don't have to discuss your age, although in my book you're still a spring chicken. Looking at these photos it's nice to know in all your unmentioned years you haven't changed much. You are still the happy, smiling babe you've always been. And...
you share that happiness with everyone you meet. You have a gift that is rare and wonderful. I am so grateful Heavenly Father blessed me with you, my dear friend. I have no idea how I would have survived graduate school and adjusting to life in Washington without you. I love you, Steph and hope this day marks the advent of an incredible year filled with wonderful memories you will cherish forever.

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Stephanie said...

I can't believe you did this. You are really, truly the only woman in the world who could get away with this.

I love you too, BooBoo!

Thanks. :)

Sarina said...

I love them boo! great job (I can see you caught mom while she was doing her photo scanning this weedend) 80) i love them. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER!!

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