A Tuna Christmas Surprise

Yesterday following an enjoyable afternoon with Kate (thanks Kate Kate for spending the day with me) at the National Gallery of Art, Joy called and invited me to join her for an evening at the Warner Theatre. Apparently, Joy scored the tickets when a coworker was unable to attend at the last minute. They couldn't have been better. Our seats were located on the second row, next to the aisle. Arriving early we were delighted when two men in suits joined us on the second row. As Joy and I were discussing Russel Crow's acting abilities I overheard the gentlemen seated next to me discussing with the preservation of a historic church on Thomas Circle. Immediately my attention was diverted away from Russel Crow and on to Brutalism and modern architecture.
Never shy, I excused myself and politely joined their conversation, never dreaming of the results that would follow; a discussion on everything from historic preservation to environmental science to documentaries to early Washington history and architecture. Needless to say, we also could not have asked for better company.
Our conversation was interrupted only by the show we had come to see; A Tuna Christmas. The gentleman sitting next to me enjoyed the show so much it was his third time seeing it. According to him, it is the second play in a trilogy about the citizens of Tuna, Texas. Following the first Act, I could understand why he enjoyed it so much. I loved it! Joe Sears and Jaston Williams were incredible; transforming from one character to another with perfect ease. The residents of Tuna were witty with huge southern accents that made my heart ache for home. (Allow me to insert a disclaimer here, Texas is NOT the SOUTH! Thus, their SOUTHERN accents were a not an accurate representation of Texans, but I am sure the Texans will forgive Sears and Williams. I graciously have.)
A Tuna Christmas, is a production worth seeing. An evening that will lift the spirits, kicking-off the holiday season in a delightful and amusing way. Thanks Joy for giving me A Tuna Christmas surprise I will always remember!

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Sherpa said...

I agree, Texas isn't the South, and is its own region, and frankly should be its own country, but I digress. Anyway, One of these guys is from West Texas if I remember right where they indeed have an accent that is pretty accurate to what they used.

Boo said...

I was telling my co-workers about the play this morning and one of them had actually seen it. She was thrilled I liked it as well. Thanks again! :)

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