A Great Way to Conclude 2007

At the beginning of 2007 I inquired, "2007 Lucky or Unlucky?" Well for two of my dear friends, it has been lucky indeed. Melissa Sue Jenson will marry Chris Davies, the brother of my former mission companion (Kimberly Davies) on December 1st. Melissa and I were roommates for three years at BYU. The first time I met Chris, I was serving as a missionary on Temple Square. I remember thinking he would be a perfect match for Melissa. That was seven years ago. It's amazing so much time has passed and instead of living in Utah, we are all living in Washington now.
Looking at their announcement it's evident they are in love. There relationship was not rushed or forced. They are like two pieces of a puzzle that fit together. They just work and its a miracle these two people found each other and fell in love. I congratulate them and wish them a lifetime of happiness. After Melissa marries Chris on Saturday I will be the last of the "core" to marry. It was always a toss-up who would be last. Now we know.
On December 21, Desiree will marry Chuck Syme in the Salt Lake City Temple. Although I swore I would not be a brides maid again, I agreed to be in Desiree's wedding. She is like a sister to me and I wouldn't miss her sealing for anything. After Desiree's wedding I will be the last female in the Richmond ward to marry. I don't mind being last though. It's comforting to know all of my friends and even my brother has found love; companions they can confide in and rely on. Best friends they can dream with, cry with and laugh with for the rest of their lives. With less than a week before Melissa's sealing I decided to post these announcements to congratulate each of my friends on their luck this year.

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Sarina said...

sabes I am so excited!! That means I get to see you in december...right?

Sherpa said...

Chris and Melissa...I know them both pretty well. I always thought that a perfect match also.

Boo said...

You sure are Sabes! I can't wait. I may need to crash at your place on Wednesday, Dec 19th, if you want some company. If not, I will crash at Kelly's. I will call you later either way and we can discuss.
Are you going to the reception this Friday night? If so, care to carpool?

Boo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarina said...

I would LOVE it if you crashed at my place, my friends are always welcome at my apartment. 80)

Sherpa said...

I wasn't planning on going to the reception, and didn't get an invite. Although, I probably would be welcome if I showed up.

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