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the High Mileage club. A few weeks ago my boss encouraged me to call Volvo of North America to get a 200k mile medallion for the Big V who has over 200k miles. Lucky for me, I contacted, we'll call her Donna, just in time to snatch the last medallion from Volvo. According to "Donna" Volvo will no longer be sending medallions to their loyal customers. Instead, Volvo lovers will be receiving stickers, which I think is very sad and may influence my decision to invest in a Volvo should I ever purchase a newer vehicle.
Deciding it would be unwise to apply the sticker to a dirty car, I went over to the Harbour's to give my car a bath. It needed it too. As the photo above demonstrates my car is so shiny you can see the camera and tree, photo below, reflected in the trunk. The trees surrounding our townhouse are gorgeous. I love fall!
Mamma Harbour positioned and applied the medallion. She did an excellent job. I have no idea what I would do without them. They are not only Stephanie and Sarina's parents but friends and confidants as well. I owe them everything.
Since my own father, who is an avid reader of our blog, can't see my medallion I decided to post these photos for him. Without him I would not be here. Without him I wouldn't have a Volvo and without a Volvo I wouldn't need a medallion. Thus, there would be no need for this post. See how that works? So, thanks Dad! I love you!

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