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This week I have been updating my resume trying to prepare it for submission for two federal positions in my field. One is with a local agency and the other would mean re-locating to Atlanta. Each position has their perks and deficiencies. I would love to remain in Washington but the Atlanta position pays more. I would be thrilled with either position and pray constantly the end result will be satisfactory. We'll see.
However, I have been thinking a lot about the time I spent in Atlanta and what it would mean to return. The Gwinnett History Museum housed in the historic Lawrenceville Female Seminary was the first place I worked following graduation from BYU. It was a terrific building with a great history but could not provide me the professional opportunities I desired.
The building below is the Lawrenceville historic courthouse. I love early American courthouses. Did you know the idea of a courthouse located in a downtown square is a strictly American concept? Did you also know Larry Flynt was shot just outside this courthouse? That is why Mr. Flynt is in a wheelchair now.
It was in the first Lawrenceville courthouse that Worcester was tried before the case went to the US Supreme court. The case is known today as Worcester v. Georgia and was the second Supreme court case heard by Justice John Marshall in regards to federal Indian law.
I used to give tours to school groups of all ages walking them from the Seminary building to the courthouse. Choosing a volunteer from the crowd I would have them stand at the bench or sit in the judge's chair. We would even "swear-in" a witness. The children loved it.
This month four years ago, I invested my days decorating the historic courthouse and Female Seminary for the holidays. My favorite project was making a Victorian kissing ball that I hung in the Seminary entrance. Although it never brought me luck it was a lovely addition to our Christmas decorations and a tradition I would love to begin in my home one day. Lord only knows when that will be.
Facing an uncertain future with multiple opportunities, it's nice to know that no matter what happens, whether I stay in DC or return to Georgia, I have friends in both places whom I love, great shopping, and many things remaining to experience.

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Sherpa said...

Good luck!

kate said...

Decisions, decisions. I hope the process goes well.

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