The Power of a Well-Written Letter

Several weeks ago I saw The Jane Austen Book Club in theatres. Although the film was less than impressive, I was reminded, and have been pondering this truth since, of the power a well-written letter possesses.
I have received many letters throughout my long twenty-nine years. Some have brought me joy, others hope, and a few sadness.
While serving as a missionary I wrote a man who was serving in the same capacity; as a missionary. I was on Temple Square in Salt Lake City and he was in Honduras. Although we had become acquainted during my junior year of college our friendship blossomed and grew at an impressive rate as we wrote to one another. Eventually his letters became more ardent and following his lead, so did mine. I was fortunate to receive mail every day and each day I anxiously awaited word from "my missionary." His words could encourage, inspire and comfort me, completely altering the course of my day, often transforming it from bad to good or from pleasant to wonderful. Even now, when I am feeling a little low or unloved I read his letters and cherish the love he expressed for me during that time. I would give anything to have copies of the letters I sent to him in response but it wouldn't surprise me if he threw them out after our relationship ended.
Since Ben, I have dated a few men who wrote songs or poems for me. One man I really cared about used to write notes, which I keep in my journal, but since college I have not met a man who understands and values the importance of a well written letter. Some may argue, "email has replaced letters," and that is fine for them but I still relish receiving a well written letter through the mail. Something personal and tangible. Something I can cherish and re-read a thousand times. Something I can keep for future posterity; something real.
In this modern age of convenience let us not forget this truth; there is power in a well written letter. Don't believe me? Just write.

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Jacqueline said...

Did you read the book too? I'm reading it now and am about 3/4 of the way through it.

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