Pre-Turkey Day Fun!

Tuesday evening my roommates, Cat and Ames decided to host a pre-Thanksgiving Elementary school style party. Instead of eating Turkey and mashed potatoes we had turkey meat balls and tater tots. It was a lot of fun as you can see from the photos below. Ms. Anne, pictured above, was one of the many guests who participated in the gum-drop turkey assembly. Here she is modeling her turkey.
In addition to Anne, Joy, Tess and Kate came to the party. It was so good hanging out with Joy and Anne again. It seems like forever since we've all been able to sit down and talk. Tess was a great addition to the crowd and we had a lot of fun taking photos which are accesible on Facebook. This was one of my favorites, taken by Anne, of course.

Melissa, my new roommates provided entertainment for the evening. In addition to playing the guitar she sings and writes her own music. If you haven't enjoyed a performace stop by and sit for a spell. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

She has the ability to captivate her audiences, as seen here in this photo of Cat and Reed. Notice Reed appears to be deep in thought. Wonder what he's thinking about?

Following Mel's performance we congregated in the kitchen for more photos. I couldn't resist taking a photo with every man there. Anne took this photo of Slade and I. Although I think he's a total goof-ball, the more I get to know him the more real he becomes. Plus, he's from Louisiana and who can resist a man from the South?

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